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MyET December Speaking Contest – Football, Soccer?

As long as you are a member of MyET, you can take part in the contest as many times as you want! Come and join this month's online speaking contest!

MyET-MyCT-MyJT not only gives you a score, but also tells you how to improve.

MyET-MyCT-MyJT can analyze your pronunciation, pitch, timing and emphasis, and even pinpoint problems with individual sounds.

With MyET-MyCT-MyJT, teachers can assign speaking homework easily.

MyET-MyCT-MyJT will automatically grade speaking homework, and send compiled scores to teachers by e-mail.

MyET-MyCT-MyJT is an open platform.

MyET-MyCT-MyJT is a platform open to unlimited contents. All the teaching materials found in MyET-MyCT-MyJT come from leading publishers and schools.

Mobile Learning with Cloud Management

Students can access their MyET-MyCT-MyJT courses with a Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android pad, or Mac. All the scores are stored on MyET-MyCT-MyJT cloud servers. Teachers can check the scores of their students easily.

MyET-MyCT-MyJT provides English, Japanese, and Chinese courses.

Whether you want to study English, Japanese, or Chinese, you can find a course that matches your language level.

MyET-MyCT-MyJT is patented in 10 countries.

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