What is MyCT? - MyET-MyCT-MyJT | My AI Speaking Tutor

No.1 Speaking Training Platform in the World

MyET-MyCT-MyJT is now being used by over 4,000,000 learners in America, Japan, China, Vietnam, Korea, India and Russia. MyET-MyCT-MyJT is also used by hundreds of universities and schools as the language-teaching platform.

MyET-MyCT-MyJT not only gives you a score, but also tell you how to improve

MyET-MyCT-MyJT can analyze students' speech on pronunciation, pitch, timing and emphasis, and pinpoint problems to individual sounds.

With MyET-MyCT-MyJT, teachers can assign speaking homework easily

MyET-MyCT-MyJT will automatically grade the speaking homework, and then send the compiled scores to teachers.

MyET-MyCT-MyJT is an open platform

MyET-MyCT-MyJT is a platform open to unlimited contents. All the teaching materials in MyET-MyCT-MyJT come from leading publishers and educational institutes.

Mobile learning with cloud management

Students can access the same MyET-MyCT-MyJT courses with a Windows PC, iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Android pad, or Mac. All the scores will be sent to the MyET-MyCT-MyJT cloud servers. Teachers can check the scores of their students easily.

MyET-MyCT-MyJT provides English, Japanese, and Chinese courses

You can find the course that is suitable for your language level in MyET-MyCT-MyJT in spite of learning English, Japanese, or Chinese.