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MyET English Speaking Contest

  • To increase our high school students' interest in learning English, “MyET English Speaking Contest” was co-sponsored by E-Learning educators of the domestic, “L Labs Inc.” and “Studio Classroom”. In order to reach the international communication standard. We hope this contest can promote the balance development of the whole nation’s English speaking level. There are approximately 200 schools, over 2000 students getting in on the act to join this festival. After one month of the fierce contest, 20 teams represented their school to reach the Final on May 13th. 100 students from all over Taiwan area are gathering in NTU on that day. Finally, the year champion of two groups are team ”OSAS” and team “Yi bu xiao xin jiu di yi le” from “Deguan Catholic High School”.

All-China Freshman Online Speaking Contest

  • This contest was hosted by L Labs and Global Yutong Language Inc. of China. This contest was conducted in two rounds. More than 500,000 freshmen students from universities and colleges all over China participated in the first round. Among them, 139,873 students actually completed all the tests, and about 12,000 students were selected into the second round. The whole contest took place on the Internet using the MyET platform.

The Annual All-Taiwan High School Online Speaking Contest

  • This annual contest was hosted by L Labs Inc. and Studio Classroom, which is the largest English magazine publisher in Taiwan. More than 200 high schools in Taiwan participated. Each school sent two teams of 5 students to the contest, and before the All-Taiwan contest took place, some schools ran their own intramural MyET online contests to select the members of their representing teams. The first round of this contest took place on the Internet from April 1 to May 5 in 2016, and was based on the MyET platform. Twenty teams were then selected into the second round. The second round was also conducted on the MyET platform, but took place in National Taiwan University.

The Annual Guangdong Library Cup Online Speaking Contest

  • This annual contest was hosted by L Labs Inc. and Hoto Education Inc. in China. 11 public libraries and 89 universities or colleges in Guangdong Province of China participated in this contest. The first two rounds of this contest were conducted online with the MyET platform. The first round ran from April 12 to April 26 in 2016. 11,652 students joined and got scores. The second round ran from May 4 to May 9, and 20 students were selected into the finals. The final contest took place at the Sun Yat-sen Library of Guangdong Province and was judged by human English teachers.