About L LABS - MyET-MyCT-MyJT | My AI Speaking Tutor

Executive Summary

Founded in 2002, L Labs is an educational software company that focuses on developing innovative language learning tools. L Labs' primary product, MyET-MyCT-MyJT, uses advanced speech analysis technology to provide language learners with solid online learning results. MyET-MyCT-MyJT is used by over 4,000,000 learners in Taiwan, Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Spain, Brazil, the United States. MyET-MyCT-MyJT has been adopted by hundreds of universities and schools as a core language teaching platform.

L Labs' patented and award-winning technology, "Automatic Speech Analysis System" (ASAS©), can analyze learners' English, Japanese, or Chinese speech and give them detailed information about their pronunciation, pitch, timing and emphasis. After speaking, students not only receive scores, but also specific feedback on how to improve. ASAS© can even give pinpoint advice on how to improve the pronunciation of individual sounds!

Incorporating the fundamental elements of game theory, MyET-MyCT-MyJT provides students with a game-like learning environment where learners can compete against each other in real time, earn virtual money, and make friends with other language students from around the world.

Instead of being a closed system, MyET-MyCT-MyJT is a platform open to unlimited contents. Leading publishers and educational service providers from around the world have contributed to the huge catalog of courses found on MyET-MyCT-MyJT. This open-contents concept means that MyET-MyCT-MyJT can offer lessons to satisfy a full spectrum of learning needs. To ensure even better learning outcomes, L Labs always works closely with educational service providers to integrate the cutting-edge technology of MyET-MyCT-MyJT with the most effective language learning pedagogy.

Competitive Differentiation

MyET-MyCT-MyJT allows teachers to combine award-winning technology with classic language learning pedagogies such as the Audio-lingual Method and the Communicative Approach. Almost all linguists agree that listening and speaking are the foundations of language learning and listening/speaking training is our specialty!

The "Automatic Speech Analysis System" (ASAS©) has been specifically designed for language learning. Its accuracy when grading students' speech is significantly better than the Speech-To-Text (STT) technologies of other companies. In fact, ASAS© is the only voice analysis technology that can pinpoint speech problems to individual syllables or sounds. Because of this L Labs holds patents for ASAS in China, Japan, Korea, France, Great Britain, Italy, Germany, and Holland, with patents pending in several other countries.

To motivate learners to keep practicing, MyET-MyCT-MyJT provides game-like incentives, such as virtual money and online speaking competitions. MyET-MyCT-MyJT also provides a social networking environment where learners can communicate and make friends in their target language.

Furthermore, MyET-MyCT-MyJT is an open platform. It can incorporate materials from any content provider. MyET-MyCT-MyJT can thus provide many more courses than other language learning systems.

Business Model

Anyone can download MyET-MyCT-MyJT and use our sample content free of charge. To access full courses, learners are required to pay a fee.

Most MyET-MyCT-MyJT courses are created by publishers or schools who have joined the L Labs' team. These content providers can provide the best solutions for their specific market. LLabs shares MyET-MyCT-MyJT revenue with content partners in return for their help in creating courses and/or promoting MyET-MyCT-MyJT in their home markets.

L Labs also sells site licenses of MyET-MyCT-MyJT courses to schools and corporations directly or through re-sellers. The license fee is calculated based on the duration and number of courses used as well as the total number of learners who will be using the system.


Dr. Lin is the founder of L Labs. He has over 30 years of experience in software development and product design. He received his PhD degree in Computer Science from Brown University in 1995, and worked for IBM T. J. Watson Research Center (USA), Compeq Manufacturing , and Trend Micro before founding L Labs. Dr. Lin has also taught at National Taipei University of Education as an adjunct professor.