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Taipei Medical University

There are 3 hospitals of Taipei Medical University, including 3000 hospital beds. The scale is almost the biggest among the medical universities in Taipei area. And, its medical system is almost the fastest-growing one. From the foundation till now, Taipei Medical University has educated 28,000 excellent medical professionals. Moreover, Taipei Medical University has gained several educational budgets from government for 3 years in a raw. The education effect of Taipei Medical University has been greatly recognized.

Expectation of English Education

In the 10-year Education plan of Taipei Medical University, the improvement of basic English skills is being emphasized. Also, undergraduates must pass the Elementary level of GEPT. Therefore, Center of General Education makes great efforts to promote listening and speaking training of GEPT.

Great Assistance for English Teachers

General Education Center of Taipei Medical University made purchase of MyET program. By distance education, every student should finish English courses and pass SPT, in order to earn credits. MyET not only helps teachers to assign and check homework quickly, but also makes students listen more carefully, speak out and finish speaking homework. In addition, MyET sends every test record of students to teachers, helping teachers tracing students' performance.

User Testimony:

''Taipei Medical University holds English speech contests, singing contests and acting contests, encouraging us to communicate in English and to make English a part of our life. Through MyET distance education program, I found out my problems of pronunciation, intonation and the way to improve. By constant practice, I no longer fear for English speech or acting contest. Moreover, I passed GEPT. I am glad to see myself improving.''--Student, Hsu

With MyET, students love to speak English!

General Education Center of Taipei Medical University recorded the frequency of English programs being used every month (right). According to the statistics, the amount of people using MyET has increasing steadily. In average, 500~1500 people go on-line, using MyET every month. MyET has become the first choice of language learning materials.