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Taoyuan Agricultural High School

Learning Difficulties – Without Speaking Out

Teacher Gu, Foreign Languages Teacher of National Tao-yuan Agricultural & Industrial Vocational High School, said that ''according to the teaching experiences, students are used to spoon-fed education. Many students can read and write the taught content in textbook. However, when it comes to English communication, they are running out of words, or even afraid to speak out. Since Vocational Schools emphasize on the communication ability, it is urgent to enhance students' competitiveness and confidence''.

MyET Improves Learning Effect of English Speaking

About the educational purpose, the foreign languages department aims at ESP (English for Specific Purpose) rather than English tests. Therefore, from 2008, in National Tao-yuan Agricultural & Industrial Vocational High School students has been encouraged to use MyET in break time, to earn more opportunity of speaking out. In this way, students get used to speaking English and apply English in life. In addition, teachers can use MyET Management System to assign speaking homework every week. Teacher Chiu, teacher of foreign languages department, said that the most satisfying function is that teachers receive analysis reports by emails, tracing students' grades and all the statics. According to the reports, teachers can arrange extra practices for each student. In this way, teachers can teach students in accordance with their aptitude.

Increase of Enterprise Acceptance Rate & GEPT Passing Rate

In 2008, enterprise acceptance rate of graduates from National Tao-yuan Agricultural & Industrial Vocational High School was 34.6%. After the emphasis on on-line learning, enterprise acceptance rate of 2009 has increased to 57%. This year, the satisfaction rate even reached 68.4%. In addition, passing rate of GEPT rises from 23.4% to 47.6%. MyET has helped students to apply English into workplace.