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Peking University

Peking University, is a major Chinese research university located in Beijing. It is the first established modern national university of China, founded as the ''Imperial University of Peking'' in 1898 as a replacement of the ancient Guozijian. By 1920, it had become a center for progressive thought. Today, Peking University is frequently listed by many domestic and international rankings as one of the top universities in China. In addition to academics, Peking University is especially renowned for its campus grounds, and the beauty of its traditional Chinese architecture.

Expectation of MyET by the professors

''By using MyET, we hope that every student in Peking University can speak English like a native speaker. Our students should not only understand how to write and read, but also be capable of speaking.''

User Testimony:

''MyET provides various courses, so I can choose the course I need. By imitating the pronunciation of the teacher, I can learn how to speak English like a native speaker. On the other hand, MyET helps me to overcome the limitations of time, location, shyness, and cost, etc. I think MyET is a very good tool for students to achieve best learning results in English speaking.''--Xie, Li-Ping, Student, School of Economics and management

''MyET is a learning software which is really user-friendly. You can easily learn a lot by using this tool. It analyzes the weakness of your pronunciation from every sentence to every word and teaches us how to improve. Also, the large database allows us to choose the course we like to practice. No matter you are a junior or a senior student about to graduate, MyET is a powerful tool to enhance your language skills. I hope my standard speaking can help me find a good job. I hope MyET become better and better, keep helping those students who are still confusing about their English pronunciation. I think MyET improve my English speaking a lot. I used to be shy to speak English in front of people because my English skill is rather poor. MyET trains my English speaking, and corrects my mistaken pronunciation word by word. It is very effective. I think MyET is my best friend in English learning.''--Yao, Zhi-Fei, Student, Department of Information Management