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The Affiliated High School of Peking University

The Affiliated High School of Peking University, abbreviated as Běidàfùzhōng or BDFZ in short, is one of important high schools in China that offers 7th-12th grade education. There are 48 classes in BDFZ. The school holds many cultural exchange activities annually, receiving visitors from high schools in different countries or districts.

User Testimony:

''Evaluation of English speaking proficiency and checking speaking homework were difficult tasks. But MyET helps teachers solve these problems without extra work. Learning process evaluation is very necessary for students, but teachers also take large efforts to do it. MyET records scores of students for each course, which helps teachers do this work. Big data base support is also applied.''--Ma Jue, Team Leader of Teaching Division

''Junior high education is the key moment of foreign language learning. Pronunciation practicing and training are especially crucial during this time period. We often have academic exchange with other foreign schools. The application for Chinese learning and developing, MyCT, also impresses these visitors.''--Kong Jan, The Principle of BDFZ

How do teachers use MyET to combine with English Teaching?

BDFZ have purchased and used MyET for a long time, which is one of the earliest clients of MyET. There are many experiences the teachers would like to share:

1. Assign MyET speaking homework
Teacher assigns speaking homework for student. Deadline and completion standard were firmly set. By using MyET, students can learn and practice courses repeatedly during the time limit. On the other hand, teachers can check homework progress anytime. On MyET platform, details such as practicing time, frequency and score can be easily checked.

2. MyET speaking test
Speaking test is one of the tasks in BDFZ English teaching. In the traditional way, there are many teachers give the test in the same period of time for all the students in the class. But various testing standard and the waste of teaching resources can be the problems of this method. There is no time or location boundary on MyET platform. Teachers can give a test in the language lab, or arrange different test schedule, base on equipment and internet connection. The flexibility of speaking test arrangement reduces time and effort teachers should take.